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Imagine speaking a local language in just weeks instead of months and years.

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Imagine speaking a local language in just weeks instead of months and years.

Hi, my name is James. 

For the past ten years I'v been traveling around the world. I've been to over 80 countries and have lived in more than a dozen of them.

​Traveling is in my blood.

In every country that I visit, I love to connect with the culture and people. ​It's the absolute greatest joy that I have.

And in order to do that it really helps if you speak the local language. Speaking the local language like a local has been my absolute secret weapon into enjoying everything the local culture has to offer.​

I currently speak/understand 7 languages. But it wasn't always so easy.

At first, I had a lot of challenges learning a new foreign language. They were too confusing. I was scared by the complicated grammar.

Eventually, with enough trial and error—and lots of sweat and blood—I managed to learn Spanish.

I used to same methods to pickup Portuguese. Once I moved to Europe, I began learning Lithuanian, Ukrainian, followed by Bahasa Indonesian. 

I also used the system to fix my Russian, a language I used to speak but which has gotten pretty bad over the years.​

Going forward, these will be the only techniques I'll leverage for future languages.

Talk Like A Local is a proven step-by-step interactive video course
that teaches you how to become
conversational in any language in just days and weeks instead of months and years

After completing the course, you'll learn:

  • Bridging the mindset between culture and languages, and how it helps you to pickup languages fast
  • Building a solid base and then "bootstrapping" to the next level of knowledge
  • How to avoid dealing with complicated and unnecessary grammar rules
  • Using "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" to bootstrap yourself by learning only what's actually useful
  • How trying to be fluent is actually limiting and counterproductive, and what you must do instead
  • The 5 things you should always avoid when learning a new language
"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to this head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”
— Nelson Mandela

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Weekend Special: Only $67 for permanent access. Click below to join.